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Il Borro Tuscan Bistro London is a culture,
a lifestyle, and a philosophy that we take from the
Ferragamo family and the Il Borro estate’s vision to
highlight Tuscan cuisine and quality ingredients.

Share in our story

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro London is a culture,
a lifestyle, and a philosophy that we take from the
Ferragamo family and the Il Borro estate’s vision to
highlight Tuscan cuisine and quality ingredients.

Translating Tuscan<br>
heritage to a new <br>audience

Translating Tuscan
heritage to a new

In keeping with the Ferragamo family and the Il Borro
estate’s vision to promote biodiversity, organic farming,
and to deliver a true farm-to-table concept, Il Borro
Tuscan Bistro London translates these beliefs through an
authentic dining experience in an elegant, refined
atmosphere in the heart of Mayfair.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

The cuisine is a modern interpretation of Tuscan classics,
staying true to sourcing quality ingredients and where
necessary accompanied by Il Borro’s own products such as
the organic extra-virgin olive oil, honey, and selected
vegetables from Il Borro’s organic farm, “Orto del Borro”.
It also features a carefully curated wine list that embodies
all of the Il Borro wines and is a true representation of
Tuscan grape varieties.

Authentic Italian Cuisine
Authentic Italian Cuisine

Tailored Beverage Program & Il Borro’s Wine Collection

Known for its vast production of wine, Il Borro estate’s
vineyard in Tuscany, under the direction of Salvatore
Ferragamo, has been organic certified since 2015. Il Borro
Tuscan Bistro London offers an exquisite collection of rich
bouquets from Il Borro’s Tuscan vineyard.

Il Borro’s beverage program explores the richness and
splendour of Tuscan flavours. A bespoke drink, the Mezzo
e Mezzo, uses Il Borro “Petruna” in Anfora Sangiovese
for a unique flavour pairing.

A place like no other

A place like no other

Owned by the Ferragamo family, the Il Borro estate dates
back over 1000 years and is one of the most coveted resorts
in the world. At the heart of the estate’s philosophy is a
desire to live by its traditions and deep rooted history,
following ethical principles by continuing to respect the
environment and supporting eco-sustainable choices.

“ I want to share our Tuscan traditions
and way of life with the world ”

A place like no other


Organic, bio-dynamic and home-grown


Orto del Borro was founded in 2012, borne from a passion
and desire to grow local produce on the estate in Tuscany,
and is overseen by Ferruccio Ferragamo’s youngest
daughter, Vittoria Ferragamo. Organic certified since
2015, Orto del Borro promotes biodiversity and organic
farming. With sustainability at the core of Il Borro’s
philosophy, various fresh ingredients are sourced directly
from the family-estate’s organic farm to Mayfair, for a
truly authentic farm-to-table vision.


Organic Extra-Virgin
Olive Oil

tasting notes

Floral, fruity and
herbal notes.

Primo Raccolto
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

tasting notes

Intense floral bouquet,
fresh grassy scent with
hints of fresh almonds.

Authentic Italian
extra-virgin olive oil

Hand-picked from one of our 40 olive groves in Tuscany,
our authentic Italian virgin olive oil is intensely green in colour,
deeply aromatic and full of floral scents and notes of cut
grass.The aromatic bouquet can be confirmed on tasting with
the addition of salvia and basil aromatic notes, whilst the after
taste has a slight peppery hint and, more particularly,
a delicately-bitterish flavour which gives vigour to the
structure of the oil.


Dating back to 1993, Il Borro has been known for its vast
production of winery; now under the direction of Salvatore
Ferragamo, Ambassador of Il Borro wines. Surrounded by
unspoilt nature and beauty in the heart of the Valdarno
valley, our vines grow at the foot of the Pratomagno
Mountains; land ideal for making fine wine.

Today mild winters and a temperate climate allow us to
make the best use of this legacy. Autochthon grape varieties,
such as Sangiovese, and those of the “Tuscan tradition”,
such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grow
side by side adapting perfectly to the variability of the soil.

Organic certified since 2015, Il Borro estate’s vineyard in
Tuscany draws inspiration from the precious terroir of the
land. Benefiting from the unique pedoclimatic conditions
and soil compositions, the winery is able to produce a
selection of grape varieties including Petruna, 100%
Sangiovese in amphora; Borrigiano, Syrah, Merlot,
Sangiovese blend, and a 100% Sangiovese Rosé del Borro.


At Il Borro, we strive for perfection
in our vineyards making wines that
draw their inspiration from our
precious terroir.

By selecting only, the finest grapes,
we create wines of great depth and
enduring satisfaction. Il Borro
wines are like the first-born child,
well behaved and refined, wines
which never disappoint.

  • 50% Merlot
  • 35% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 10% Syrah
  • 5% Petit Verdot


A touch of conviviality, a friend
with whom to share memorable
moments. This is the natural place
of Pian di Nova, a full-bodied wine
marked by subtlety and softness.

Generous on the palette from the
first taste to the last, this is a wine
that will amuse.

  • 75% Syrah
  • 25% Sangiovese


Polissena is an act of love, a
homage to Tuscany, and to one of
its typical grape varieties,
Sangiovese. The grape has a
strong backbone but is refined and
balanced. It is captivating but
modest and never invasive.

  • 100% Sangiovese


This product is the result of great
passion of Ferruccio Ferragamo’s
Il Borro and for a variety of the
most representative of its terroir
“Syrah”. A constant activity in the
vineyard Alessandro Dal Borro
tells our story, the story of a land
and people who live it. and care in
varietal selection, led, thanks to the
constant driving winemaker
Stefano Chioccioli and Ferruccio
Ferragamo, the birth of
Alessandro dal Borro Syrah IGT
Tuscany 2011. A product that
reminds us in its organoleptic
characteristics, the nobility and
greatness of the historical
character of the estate from which
it takes its name.

  • 100% Syrah


Petruna Anfora is produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes using only clay amphorae for making and storing the wine. Petruna Anfora has a deep ruby-red colour. It has an intense, complex bouquet with notes of ripe red fruits and distinctive aromas deriving from the aging in terracotta amphora. It has a full- bodied flavour and well balanced tannins with a good acidity.

  • 100% Sangiovese


Fruity and delightful on the palette, Lamelle is our youngest child, unique and exuberant and the only white amongst our wines.The climate and terroir at Il Borro would normally make producing white wine a challenge, but we always try to exceed expectations

  • 100% Chardonnay


Rosé del Borro is vinified by cold pressing Sangiovese grapes which are hand-harvested once they have reached optimal maturity and kept refrigerated overnight at 5-10℃. Rosé del Borro is bright pink coloured with distinquished lively bouquet of white flowers and fresh fruits. The taste is delicate and crisp with hints of small berries red fruits and a fresh and balanced finish. Fruity and delightful on the palate, Rosé del Borro is unique and exuberant.

  • 5-10℃
  • with a distinguished lively bouquet


Borrigiano is the first wine from Il Borro winery under the designation “Valdarno di Sopra DOC” and with the Organic certification. It is produced after years of dedication to research, experimentation and enthusiasm in creating quality wines.
Generous on the palette from the first taste to the last, this is a wine that will amuse.

  • 35% Syrah
  • 40% Merlot
  • 25% Sangiovese


Bolle Di Borro, literally Borro Bubbles, is a Classic Method Rosé from 100% Sangiovese, 48 month lees-fermented. To produce this wine the company chose a specific Sangiovese vineyard because of its cool location, strong day-night temperature variations and slow maturation, bound to assure the product’s fresh aromas, balanced acidity and low sugar content.

The Bolle di Borro’s linear nose, a fresh, crisp fruitiness, small red berries blend with boise notes. Candied citrus peel finish. Dry and full bodied on the palate with echoes of small red berries and candied citrus peel. Agreeableness and cleanliness make this a fascinating wine.

  • 100% Sangiovese


La Birritullera is a beer made with malted barley and organic spelt of Il Borro estate and produced by a craft brewhouse located in Valdarno.

Local Ale with a golden color, made with malted barley, organic spelt, fine hops. You will have the chance to taste a Tuscany Live Beer: unpasteurized, unfiltered. It is tradition with innovation.


Malted barley and organic spelt.

Artisan Beer


From our organic fields of barley and spelt comes the
first artisan beer of Il Borro: La Birritullera.

This name comes from a folklore group that was
founded here in 1968 by Don Pasquale Mencattini,
much-loved priest of the town and also a man of
great culture.

On the label is a detailed engraving by the
Duke of Hamilton, published in Paris by Bequet
in 1868. The elephant is associated with strength
and a dominant position, the African and Asian
animal represents numerous qualities such as
regal power, dignity, patience, wisdom,
longevity and happiness, as well as being
a symbol of good fortune.

Mixed Flowers Honey

Mixed flowers honey is the most complete variety that best
represents the area of its production and the various
components of its landscape.

Honey Bottle image



Dependent on the prevalent blooms


Light to medium intensity